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Petal Sensation

NAUGHTY GIRL Marhaba Deodorant Spray 200ml

₹299 ( Available )

Infusing the richness of nature and blending those earthy essences, Naughty Girl adds Marhaba, a women’s fragrant deodorant to its 200ml collection. Each note is dedicated to highlighting an earthy fragrance. Belonging to the Floral Woody family, Marhaba has perfectly created a balance between floral and woody elements for a rustic yet soothing scent. The top note comprises of floral and leafy for an initial floral burst. The middle note blends oudhy with aldehydic to accentuate the elegance of the deodorant. The base note is completely dominated by woody for an earthy end aroma. Whether it is teaming your confidence with a splash of freshness or experiencing the richness of earthy fragrances, Marhaba has everything in store to captivate your senses.

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