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Naughty Girl EDP Pour Me Red Perfume for Women 30ml

₹1000 ( Available )

Naughty Girl Pour Me Red is an exotic perfume spray from the House of Lyla Blanc, London. It blends a sweet, spicy, and earthy ingredient that gives an enchanting aroma. The top note includes freesia, plum and chamomile that deliver an alluring scent. The middle note combines sweet florals giving out a floral aroma. The base note includes spicy twists and green grass that leaves a warm earthy scent. With each note delivering a unique scent, Naughty Girl Pour Me Red is truly an enticing perfume spray. This women’s perfume can be adorned on any occasion and comes with a reasonable price tag, making it a viable option. The different notes are perfectly blended together to give a rich floral aroma with a touch of spicy fragrance at the end.

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