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Naughty Girl EDP Brown Beach Perfume for Women 30ml

₹1000 ( Available )

Naughty Girl Brown Beach is a perfume spray from the House of Lyla Blanc London. The blend of ingredients in this perfume gives a refreshing fragrance that resembles the morning beach. The top note blends floral and fruity ingredients that deliver an exotic aroma. The middle note adds a touch of earthy aroma with woody and musky ingredients. The base note blends leafy and floral ingredients that leaves a soothing fragrance in the end. The concoction of this perfume spray offers a burst of freshness that keeps your vivacious all day long. Naughty Girl Brown Beach perfume spray comes with a reasonable price tag, making it a more viable option.  All you need is just a few splashes of this strong perfume spray before you head out for the day. 

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