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Petal Sensation

Nature's Treasures

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This bouquet stands tall with fresh cut garden flowers and seasonal fresh fruits, this bouquet is not an ordinary one. For seldom do we come across floral arrangements that are not only pleasant to look at, but are also delicious. partially

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Whats included:

1 Pineapple

1 Watermelon

2 Muskmelons

3 Pomegranates

3 Guavas

1 Papaya

 Grapes (2kgs)

 6 Apples

 6 Oranges

 50 Yellow Roses

 60 Red Roses

 20 Orange Roses


Please note:

  Dry fruits, fresh fruits and flowers can be customised according to your choice.


Care Instructions:

- Lightly spray the blooms with fresh water from time to time to keep them looking fresh, and remove any buds that are clearly past their prime.

- keep your flowers in a cool area. Putting them under direct sunlight could be quite harmful, and a safe distance from computers, radiators, fireplaces, ovens and such will help them last longer.

- Store your fruits away from direct heat as well.

- Some fruits can be kept at room temperature, but others will have to be refrigerated

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