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Petal Sensation

Hott Unisex Daily use Deodorant Spray 120 mL

₹199 ( Available )

Lyla Blanc London introduces, Hott Saturn Dust, a stand out perfume spray. It belongs to the Oriental family. There is an interesting blend of distinctive ingredients that gives each note a unique fragrance. The first note includes Bergamot and lemon that exude a fresh citrus aroma. The middle note comprises of vanilla that gives out a mellow scent. The soothing feel continues with the bottom note that includes sandalwood and vetiver. There is an ideal blend of strong citrus aromas and mellow earthy ingredients that give this perfume spray its unique fragrance. Hottt Saturn Dust perfume spray can be adorned by both, men and women. This long lasting perfume comes at an affordable rate and it certainly adds a touch of playfulness to your personality.

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